Curio Live Examenfeest

What to do when thousands of students want to celebrate their graduation, but no parties are able to take place? Curio education found themselves in the position to overcome this challenge. This resulted in a 3-hour long online graduation party for all students of the Curio education group. 

Glow In The Dark was asked to develop and produce this online event. Together with Glow In The Dark, Curio found different DJ’s willing to record live sets from their home or studios to make sure all graduates were able to celebrate. With footage provided by the schools and different artists, a broadcast was pre-produced for Curio. The event was then streamed on their custom platform for all students to enjoy. 

The livestream is nothing without interactivity so Glow In The Dark developed a way for students to send messages via the integrated chat which would be visible during the livestream. All messages were filtered and approved by staff before going live. 

With the integrated chat, staff and students can send messages into the livestream. These can be moderated before going live.
During the stream the statusbar shows which artist is currently performing and which artist is coming up.
All content was delivered by artists themselves and adapted for streaming by Glow In The Dark.
All branded items are custom made according to the clients brandbook and guidelines.

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  • Production
  • Livestream
  • Live interaction
  • Animations

Commissioned by

  • Curio