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Dutch artist Roel Aarts got known by his unique butterfly-filled artworks. In 2021 he asked Glow In The Dark to join him in his atelier to capture all the artworks he created in the run up to the Masters of Luxury Expo in Amsterdam. While Roel makes many different artworks including all different animals and insects, He is best known for his colorful, handcrafted ‘butterfly-globes’. The globes are handcrafted using exotic butterflies from around the world. All the popping colors and details in the wings and bases asked for close up macro-footage where all the details of the objects are visible. As all items are three-dimensional and well crafted from every side, it was important to have movement and a solid overview of the artpieces. Together with different equipment such as turntables, sliders and a  special probe-lens, all artpieces were carefully captured as both video and still imagery.


  • Video production
  • Concepting

Commissioned by

  • Roel Aarts | Design Studio
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