De Grote Online TV Show

And we’re live in 3.. 2.. 1..

De Grote Online TV Show (The Grand Online TV Show) is an interactive live entertainment show developed by React Concepts and Events. With this show companies, groups and cities are able to provide their audience with a full night of entertainment. The show is bookable as a completed live concept where the hosts, interactive questions and prizes are provided by the booker. This allows for a fully customisable show. The show generally consists out of 8 different game elements both via the livestream and the interactive app. 

Early in 2020 Glow In The Dark was asked to develop the production from a technical standpoint, developing a light plan, building the control room and integrate all interactive concepts for livestream. In addition to developing the production, Glow In The Dark’s team produces every show. While many of the show’s games and visuals are pre-programmed Glow In The Dark provides the live directing, visuals, audio production and livestreaming. 

Over the years this concept grew out to a populair show booked by cities, companies and government agencies. The show features live onscreen visuals, programmed lightshows during games, and various interactive abilities.



And counting


  • Live Production
  • Studio build (technical)
  • Technical Production
  • Technical Concept Development

Commissioned by

  • React Concepts & Events
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During the show there are multiple ways to interact live with the viewers. Via the custom app participants can send photos and messages to the studio which will be displayed in the livestream after monitoring. In addition to that the show will call live to winners and participants during the stream to ask for answers or announce prizewinners. Till then beginning of 2022 the show was produced over 45 times streaming for many different clients. 

Many of the games include onscreen visuals, where your focus is tested throughout. These games are pre programmed and during the show, when calling contestants the visuals can be live adapted to either approve or reject answers.