MDL Beast – Soundstorm 2022

MDL BEAST’s SOUNDSTORM, the largest music festival in the Middle East, continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this relatively young festival has quickly made its mark, breaking numerous world records, including the construction of the largest stage on the planet. In 2022 over 600,000 fans attended the edition of SOUNDSTORM.

Over 200 global artists took the stage including Bruno Mars, Post Malone, DJ Khaled, R3HAB, Swedish House Mafia and many more. 

In December 2022 Glow In The Dark was enlisted by CYB3RPVNK to provide a range of media productions both during and after the festival. Our production consisted of managing the recap production for all the artists videos, daily recap videos and the producing creative short form videos, post event. Together with the CYB3RPVNK & Alive Coverage team we worked with  dozens of creatives from all around the world.


  • Artist recaps
  • Daily recaps
  • Short Form Video
  • Production Staff

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Artist Recap Videos

During Soundstorm over 200 international artists preformed on 7 different stages including the BIG BEAST, DOWN BEAST, and DANCE BEAST stages, along with four dynamic UNDERGROUND stages, all encompassed within a site spanning over 5.5 million square meters.

During the event our shooters were stationed at all stages to capture all the performances. Shortly after the set, footage was transported to the media compound for one of the editors to start working on the edit right away.

The editors delivered videos for the artists and event to distribute in realtime. In this way over 85 recaps were produced while the festival was ongoing. With artists sharing the videos online, they quickly reached hundreds of thousands of viewers within hours. Collectively, these videos garnered millions of views, becoming an integral part of SOUNDSTORM’s digital presence.


Artists filmed


Onsite Edits Delivered


Glow In The Dark Crewmembers


GB of footage filmed

Short-Form Video

In addition to the onsite content, we delivered an additional 20 animated social posts to be posted on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, post event. 

This with the goal to provide a different type of content for fans to engage with. These short form videos provide a different view of the event, focussing more on the venue, art installations, stages and visitors.

The Team

The Glow In The Dark team traveling to Saudi-Arabia consisted of 15 camera operators and editors. With the team one of our Data Ingestion Technicians (DIT) traveled with us to efficiently managing the vast amount of footage captured by our shooters and ensuring the security of our data on both our servers as the client’s.

Additionally with our team, two of our producers managed the production, oversaw production logistics and provided overall support to the team. 

We worked closely together with the producers from CYB3RPVNK and the Alive Coverage team to streamline the production process during the festival. Together with our partners, the mediateam consisted out of 70+ creatives from all corners of the world.