Tomorrowland Official Aftermovie 2022

As the leading dance festival in the world, Tomorrowland attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all around the globe. But not only they produce one of the biggest dance events, they are also known to release the most viewed aftermovies in the world. The official Tomorrowland aftermovie attracted millions of viewers every time again and serves as a vital marketing tool. Epic Cinema has been producing these aftermovies for Tomorrowland for more than a decade. While being involved in the Tomorrowland production since 2015, this year was a first for our team to be involved in the production management of this iconic film.



  • Onsite Production Management
  • Pre Production
  • Onsite image sorting and datahandeling
  • Production support / Runner

Commissioned by

  • Epic Cinema
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Project Outcome

Glow In The Dark worked with Epic Cinema to prepare the production and manage the crew. During the production we managed the team of dozens of camera operators from all around the world, organizing their production schedule and providing support throughout the two-week shooting period. We worked with different stakeholders from event production and pyrotechnics during the event and coordinated with local authorities to ensure the safe operations of aerial drones for filming.

In addition to the producer, we provided production support such as a runner to help with transport and an ‘image-spotter’ who would be in charge of importing, backing up footage and labeling it for the final edit during the festival. This all with the objective to let the production run as smooth as possible for the camera-operators to do their job to the fullest.