Van Hell Live 2021

As one of the oldest jewellers in The Netherlands, Van Hell Juweliers is an established name. This year they set to create another memorable experience for their clients. In 2020 this started with a liveshow about all the fine watches and jewellery that Van Hell offers in their stores. After then big succes in 2020, Watch This Agency asked Glow In The Dark to produce another liveshow for their client.

In this 1,5 hour long show, presenter Huub Stapel walks you through the world of high-end watches and fine jewellery. In the liveshow over 18 guests join Huub to talk about their expertise and products. In addition to that the Van Hell Family gives insights into their rich history over the last 9 decades. This all in a fully customised studio setting.

From the outset Glow In The Dark developed the concept together with Watch This Agency. Together with the experience and attention to detail of the Van Hell family, a new show was created. From the first draft of the show Glow In The Dark advised all parties on the show and created the final script. While including all wishes of the clients, Glow In The Dark developed different ideas to enhance the overal quality and dynamic of the livestream. 

In addition to 5 fixed camera’s in the studio, Glow In The Dark provided operated camera’s to capture the dynamic of the show, and included a macro camera which made sure all the products were featured in the highest possible quality. In the studio custom backdrops were created and all LED screens featured tailor-made content produced by Glow In The Dark. This did not only show all the brands that participated in the show, but also added to the general ambiance during the stream. Glow In The Dark was happy to not only provide the livestream, but also a photography album for the clients featuring behind the scenes photos of the show, and all the guests present. 

This livestream was streamed across 6 different platforms, aiming to created the highest possible reach among the viewers. This resulted in thousands of different viewers across 6 different countries. The most populair platform was the Van Hell Juweliers website, where a custom player was created all in the style of Van Hell Juweliers. This combined with the email registration provided a wide range of data to be used for future marketing purposes.


  • Full production
  • (Technical) Concepting
  • Live Visuals
  • Studio visuals
  • Show layout
  • Directing
  • Live cameras


  • Livestream across 6 platforms
  • 18+ Guests live in studio
  • 15+ Custom video playouts
  • Fully customised studio
  • Customised live page
  • Extensive video promotion campaign
  • Tailor made show

Commissioned by

  • Watch This Agency

Promotional Campaign

For the event to be a big succes a comprehensive promotional campaign was created. Glow In The Dark added to this by creating different promos for online use, and various calls to action for people who registered to watch the event. With this viewers received videos right before the stream, where the presenter reminds them to tune in on time.

Branded content

All content in the livestream was custom made for Van Hell Juweliers. This includes over 18 different branded videos from all brands participating in the show. All brands received a video of their products, shown in a carefully designed setting. The images and videos were then shown in the livestream and used for studio integrations and decor.