A State of Trance Festival

Electronic Dance Music is an enormous part of Dutch (dance)culture. In the early 2000’s trance music took over and Dutch DJ’s took off globally. This was the same time Armin van Buuren started his radio show ‘A State Of Trance’. Now, some 20 years later, his weekly radioshow celebrated his 1000th episode, which was celebrated by the A State Of Trance Festival. Over 55,000 people celebrated A State Of Trance 3 & 4 March 2023 in De Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. MEDIASEVEN produced the livestream from two different stages, and the livesets for a third secret stage. Glow In The Dark was happy to play a role in the preproduction, and onsite production during this iconic event.

In the early stages of pre production, MEDIASEVEN reached out to Glow In The Dark to assist in the production of the project. Glow In The Dark provided camera operators during the two day event, and various hardware such as intercom systems, cameras and lenses, grip and provided the cablecam and operators for the mainstage livestream. 

In the days leading to the event our team prepared and built equipment for the shows. In addition Glow In The Dark worked as a production party during the event, coordinating the various camera operators and preparing cameras and hardware for production. Combining our expertise with MEDIASEVEN’s, we were able to support in the production of the livestream and livesets watched by tens of thousand of people around the world.


  • Pre production
  • Camera Operators
  • Onsite production
  • Live equipment / Camera hardware 
  • Cablecam

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