Feature Highlights

The Breda based CM.com is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce. CM.com holds a broad portfolio of different products used around the world. As a rapidly growing, communications company, CM’s products continuously improve and new features are added. One of the ways to communicate developments in products both to new, and existing clients, is through feature highlight videos. 

In 2022, CM.com approached Glow In The Dark to improve the turnover time of their feature highlight videos. Generally the majority of time is spend on recording and editing different videos. In CM.com’s case, this means replacing a green screen, cutting different takes, synching demo content and mixing audio. To improve this process Glow In The Dark took the existing concept and modified this into a live production concept. In this way, a video can be cut, keyed, mixed and processed during the actual recording. This gives the ability to have a rough cut video available right after recording.


  • Multicam Production
  • Technical concept
  • Directing
  • Post Production
  • Captions

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Bulk Production


By optimising the studio time, we can record many different videos within a studio day. As with different clients we work in sprints. Together with the client we plan recording days after which deadlines are generated. The client can see within our systems which videos are currently being worked on, and which videos are available to give feedback on. Giving insight into every stage of production, feedback is given within our feedback tool, and when done, this is processed right away by our editors. With this agile way of working, we enable the client to have a clear picture of the process of all deliverables, and maximise the amount of content that can be produced within a production sprint.